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Become a full-time traveler

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  1. Claudia

    Great! I love the idea of traveling the world. But any suggestions how to do sth similar with a school kid?

    • Ryan Sletcher

      Hey, Claudia.

      Having kids at school certainly complicate things a bit. The only option is to travel intermittently during their breaks. My family was always home schooled, so location didn’t have much of an impact on us.

  2. Padrino

    Can help you with the fluent portuguese, if you’d like 😉

    Many thanks again for this incredibly awesome website offering wonderful advises!


    Gracias. Yo también quiero este estilo de vida los primeros pasos, con vosotros.

  4. Bronwyn

    Life can be strange at times. I have just come across you page today after saying to my husband over the weekend I would love to pack up and travel our beautiful country South Africa with our kids. We have been looking at all available options to us. We have some interesting bed time reading tonight.

  5. Richard

    This is an inspiring concept and something I would love to do. I will be watching with great interest.


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