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  1. Milan

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge, how can I contact you? I want to know if you are doing any workshops in Cape Town anytime soon? I really really want to join one.


  2. Miroslav

    Hi Ryan,

    I listened to your lessons a couple weeks ago and took notes but my file is corrupted. I can not remember the third element of an online store. E-commerce store, email autoresponder, and third?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Aiden


    Just downloaded your booklet and I must say it’s inspiring. I’m curious as to how you automated the PayPal section of the business? Like, how did you send the supplier automatic notifications with the buyer’s information? And how did you automate the process of you sending them the money as soon as a sale was made? This is the bit i’m finding most difficult to get my head around. I know it’s probably quite simple. Thanks!

  4. Mark

    Heyy Hi Ryan,
    I am an European guy, Living in Argentina that want to be a Vagabond very soon.
    I am working hard to do all the necesary to move forward with this but I am a little confused with two things.
    Can I build my ecommerce inside USA without being from usa? and the second thing, if the ecommerce works alone and people pay to me via paypal how is the process of the company or person that ship the real product? It will depend on me of doing the job of paying from my paypal the product first otherwise they will not ship it?

    THANKS for everything!
    I hope that we can meet soon.


  5. F. Martin

    Hi Ryan,

    I’ve been thinking for a long time about changing my life for the better and it seems like your method is right up my street.
    So I’ve decided to get started s soon as possible but I have a question that has remained unanswered.
    If I’m an European citizen and I want to sell physical products in the US, to whom do I need to pay taxes to? How do you go about this aspect of your business?

    Wish you all the best,

  6. Lara Meter

    Hi Ryan,

    I am a journalist for an outdoor and travel magazine based in Cape Town, Caravan and Outdoor Life magazine. We see that you are in Southern Africa and would like to get hold of you to learn more about your amazing story.

    Could you drop me an email or reply here? We would like to know where about you are and all things South African about your trip.

    I sincerely hope you are enjoying your time in SA.

    Kind Regards,
    Lara Meter

      • Steve Darwin

        Hello. I want to offer free acces on our community of travelers and to share your story with some guest posts. We have great resources, too!

      • Ryan Sletcher

        Hi, Steve.

        Thanks for the invite. I’ve sent you an email.

  7. Nic

    It is funny that I would come across this blog as I am planning to quit my job and go travel to Brazil, but it only makes me more determined to go get it done 🙂

    Have you guys crossed any of the South African items off your list yet ?

    • Ryan Sletcher

      Hey, Nic.

      Good luck with the big trip! Nothing excites me as much as seeing others making bold moves and having adventures.

      I’m busy training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour at the moment. I have plans to skydive in CPT, too!

      • Marlize

        Hi Ryan,

        First of all. Thank you so very much for putting it all out there. I came across your Vagabond Business Case Study yesterday in which you’ve answered so many of my questions on this subject and I’m truly appreciative.

        We live in Cape Town and it definitely is a must see, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

        Greetings from the southern tip of Africa!

  8. Kim

    Hi Ryan,

    I have the same questions as Chen.

    Looking forward to your response when you get a chance.


    • Ryan Sletcher

      Hey, Kim!

      Thanks for your message. I just responded to Chen. You can read the response below.

  9. Chen Kleiner

    Hi Ryan,

    My name is Chen Kleiner and I’m looking to break from the typical 9-5 lifestyle to travel the world while still being able to earn money.

    I would love to understand a bit more of what it is you do and how everything works. If you get in contact with me that would be great.



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