“Which travel insurance company should I use?”

“Where is the best place to look for low-cost flights?”

“What must-have items should I include in my carry-on?”

I have NO idea.

I spend close to nine months per year traveling the world but, truth be told, I’m not very good at it. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a travel blogger. I prefer to think of myself as an “adventure blogger”, documenting my global quest to complete an epic, albeit totally unrealistic, bucket list. I started The Professional Vagabond as a way to inspire people to have adventures while, at the same time, sharing practical ways to fund them.

Though I may not have all the answers when it comes to the art of travel, I do know where to find them. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of go-to blogs that I visit whenever I need travel-related advice. In this post, I share my list as a way to help those of you who require assistance with the practical side of your bucket list.

If you’re looking for inspiration, as well as useful travel tips, then look no further than these 50 top travel blogs:

*The below blogs have been sorted alphabetically.

A Dangerous Business

Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m just an ordinary Midwestern girl trying to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world. I’m here to prove to people that traveling (and especially traveling as a woman) doesn’t have to be scary, lonely, or out of anybody’s reach.

Visit: Dangerous-Business.com

A Little Adrift

A Little Adrift is a resource point to motivate and encourage travelers through stories, advice, and photography. The ALA community rallies around several key areas. Travelers with a commitment to slow, local level grassroots travel. Travel that connects to cultures through food and service. Travel that supports causes and community in every place we visit.

Visit: ALittleAdrift.com

Adventure in You

We could start by telling you all how we are awesome writers, photographers, and avid travelers. Yeah! That would work, but in reality, we are just two dorks (what’s wrong with having a secret high five?) that met one fateful day on the sand dunes in Vietnam. Brought together by our love for silly dance moves, good food, and discovering new cultures, we’re on a mission to go have as many adventures around the world as we possibly can. We are wanderers and adventurers who want nothing else but to enjoy the little things in life while traveling the world.

Visit: AdventureInYou.com

Adventurous Kate

At 26, I quit my job to travel the world. 5 years and 63 countries later, I’m still looking for adventures in every corner of the globe.

Visit: AdventurousKate.com

Almost Fearless

I’m a world traveling mom who is trying to raise her children as multilingual global citizens while living overseas.

Visit: AlmostFearless.com

Along Dusty Roads

Along Dusty Roads brings you the beauty of a life of travel. Personally created and curated by us, Andrew and Emily, our crafted guides and photography journals will help all travellers – from budget to luxury – make the most of their own adventure and find plenty of inspiration for the next one. We just completed two years in Latin America, and you’ll find countless articles and tips for travel there. We’re both back in the UK now, and we hope you can follow us on our journeys closer to home.

Visit: AlongDustyRoads.com

Be My Travel Muse

I’m Kristin, a native Southern Californian who has dedicated her life to solo traveling the world in the most genuine way possible, always talking to locals and delving deep into the culture. Whether you’re on a short holiday or a long-term trip, these tips will help you, photos will inspire you, and the stories will awaken your wanderlust. Explore the world with me.

Visit: BeMyTravelMuse.com

Best World Yet

Digital nomads seeking unique events and unforgettable experiences. Join us as we make the world our home!

Visit: BestWorldYet.com

Borders of Adventure

Independent traveller. Adventures with a social conscience and journeys to change perceptions. Reporting on the misunderstood. Her motto? Travel differently, adventurously, responsibly and with purpose.

Visit: BordersOfAdventure.com

Don’t Forget to Move

We’re Jules and Christine, adventure seekers, digital nomads and responsible tourism advocates! At Don’t Forget To Move we help promote and inspire responsible adventure travel around the world. With a lot of crazy adventures in between! We show travelers how to see the world authentically through unique stories, engaging photography and videos, honest reviews and practical travel tips.

Visit: DontForgetToMove.com

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Over the last year I’ve collected over 1 million frequent flyer miles. These have allowed me to travel to 20 countries (and counting) for FREE! Now, I want to show you how to begin earning miles so that you can achieve all your travel goals.

Visit: ExtraPackofPeanuts.com

Goats on the Road

We’re Nick & Dariece, a Canadian couple who have found many ways to Turn our Travels into a Lifestyle! We’re location independent and work from our computers in many exotic locations worldwide – we’re living the “laptop lifestyle”. We’ve chosen this unconventional way of life and are completely stress-free, happy and alive. No nine-to-fives, no boss, no planning for retirement, no white picket fence, no mortgage and no debt. Join us to learn how to start a travel blog, so that you too can live a life of Freedom, Travel and Adventure.

Visit: GoatsOnTheRoad.com

Gone with the Wynns

We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. Perpetual travelers, sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.

Visit: GoneWithTheWynns.com

Hey Nadine

Welcome, my name’s Nadine Sykora and this is my blog of crazy travels and online video life!

Visit: HeyNadine.com

Hippie in Heels

Hi! I’m Rachel Jones, an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches of Goa over two years ago. I am a bit of a contradiction: one part dirty hippie, one part girlie girl. My blog focuses on off beat places & “glamorous travel”.

Visit: Hippie-InHeels.com

Hopscotch the Globe

Prepare to be internationally inspired! Hopscotch the Globe will inspire, motivate and teach you how to incorporate travel and culture into your lifestyle.

Visit: HopscotchTheGlobe.com

Indie Traveller

Marek has travelled long-term since 2012. At Indie Traveller he offers detailed destination guides, practical tips for travelling independently and entertaining stories from around the world.

Visit: IndieTraveller.co

Inside the Travel Lab

World stories from a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. A thoughtful look at independent luxury travel, culture and adventure.

Visit: InsideTheTravelLab.com

Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina Iovino is the founder of JustOneWayTicket.com. She’s half German, half Italian and has traveled to more than 50 countries around the globe.

Visit: JustOneWayTicket.com

Keep Calm And Travel

An Italian girl who decided to quit her job in Fashion to travel the world and write about it. Specialized in Sardinia Holidays and travel disaster!

Visit: KeepCalmAndTravel.com

Leave Your Daily Hell

My name is Robert. In 2009, I left my entire life behind to seek out freedom, adventure and meaning. I started this blog to inform, inspire, entertain and empower travelers like you to do the same thing.

Visit: LeaveYourDailyHell.com

Never Ending Footsteps

Travel changed my life. Let me show you how it can change yours, too. Learn from my mistakes, find the courage to follow your dreams, and chuckle at my misfortune.

Visit: NeverEndingFootsteps.com

Nomad Revelations

Nomad Revelations is an archive of 15 years of travel experiences, exotic narratives & adventure chronicles to get you inspired and explore the world on your own.

Visit: JoaoLeitao.com


Alesha & Jarryd – Australian couple, travel journalists, photographers and explorers. Backpacking around the world looking for adventure & culture.

Visit: NOMADasaurus.com

Nomadic Matt

Learn how to make your dream trip a reality with daily tips, advice, and tricks on how to travel the world cheaper, smarter, and longer.

Visit: NomadicMatt.com

One Modern Couple

More than just travel! We hope to motivate and inspire as we share our travel stories and tips and bring you along as we live our dream!

Visit: OneModernCouple.com

Ordinary Traveler

Fueled by an extreme wanderlust, we decided life is too short to do something you don’t love. So, in 2009 we created OrdinaryTraveler to chronicle our travels and share our love of photography. Christy is now a full-time travel photographer and professional blogger and Scott works for a small software company in San Diego — but he doesn’t let that stop him from traveling whenever possible.

Visit: OrdinaryTraveler.com

Ott’s World

I’m Sherry, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. I travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences, adventures, and photography from around the globe. But it’s not just about travel, it’s also about life experiences of a solo female wanderer.

Visit: OttsWorld.com

Taylor’s Tracks

A travel blog dedicated to learning from mistakes made while traveling the globe, and growing up as a millennial. I want to show you that mistakes can make great stories, how happiness isn’t determined by where you are, and how to avoid taking the same missteps that I’ve made.

Visit: TaylorsTracks.com

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, festivals and photography from around the world.

Visit: TheBlondeAbroad.com

The Broke Backpacker

Will is currently on a three-year adventure from the UK to Papua New Guinea without the use of flights, he has hitchhiked across Europe, Iran and Pakistan, driven a multicoloured tuk-tuk across India and is now planning to build a raft to sail from The Philippines to PNG. He’s a bit nuts. You can follow him on snapchat at wthatton.

Visit: TheBrokeBackpacker.com

The Savvy Backpacker

We think traveling through Europe is possible on any budget. That’s why we created The Savvy Backpacker — an independent resource to help give you the skills and knowledge to travel through Europe on a backpacker’s budget.

Visit: TheSavvyBackpacker.com

The Travel Hack

The Travel Hack is a travel and lifestyle blog. We blog about stylish adventure travel and affordable luxury. Our team of stylish jet setters share their travel tips and unique experiences from their travels around the world. We aim to prove that stylish travel doesn’t have to be expensive and adventurous travel can have a stylish twist!

Visit: TheTravelHack.com

The Travel Stories

We love the stories that happen to us when we travel. The astonishment that overcomes us when everything is different than expected. The permanent broadening of our horizons when we do something for the first time: tasting something new, getting to know new people, discovering a new perspective towards the world – or quite simply sharing the party of our lives with new like-minded people. Let’s hold on to our best moments and share them with a big audience.

Visit: TheTravelStories.com

Tourist 2 Townie

Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard as he attempts to discover foreign communities through the people and culture who define them. His goal is to go from tourist to townie, one mission at a time!

Visit: Tourist2Townie.com

Travel with Bender

We’re the Bender family and have travelled to over 67 countries. We’ll help make your next family holiday amazing with first-hand guides and expert travel tips. From packing to accommodation to sightseeing, you’re covered with the world’s #1 family travel blog.

Visit: TravelwithBender.com

Twenty-Something Travel

Twenty-Something Travel is a blog about why your twenties are the best time to travel, and the planning, resources and opportunities available to you.

Visit: Twenty-SomethingTravel.com

Unusual Traveler

A Norwegian backpacker that travels the world, never with a guidebook and always tries to get of the the tourist trail.

Visit: UnusualTraveler.com

Wandering Earl

It is an addiction to the first-hand education that travel provides that has fueled my desire to continue exploring as much of this planet as I can. And these days, my focus is not so much on the sights I see but on the human interactions and life-changing lessons learned along the way.

Visit: WanderingEarl.com


Charli is a freelance writer and blogger who has been travelling perpetually since 2011. A keen scuba diver and part time runner, she has a penchant for indomitable landscapes and peanut butter. Read her blog and follow her on Instagram to feed your wanderlust.

Visit: Wanderlusters.com

Wild Junket

WildJunket.com is an adventure travel blog focusing offbeat destinations, outdoorsy activities, unusual corners of the world, and special interest journeys. Written by professional travel writer Nellie Huang, the blog chronicles her journey to more than 100 countries on all 7 continents.

Visit: WildJunket.com


Matt Gibson is the Inbound President of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, a nonprofit organisation that works to help travel industry and brands meet and work together. He’s also an adventure travel writer and photographer, award winning blogger, and CEO of Xpat.Media, an agency that helps travel companies develop their blogging and social media marketing strategies and work with travel bloggers.

Visit: XpatMatt.com

Y Travel Blog

Y Travel blog is all about informing and inspiring you to travel more and create better memories.

Visit: YTravelBlog.com

Did I forget someone important? Who is your favourite travel blogger? Let me know in the comments section below.

About The Author

My name is Ryan and I love adventure. I love it so much, in fact, that I spend around nine months out of every year traveling the world and working on my bucket list. The rest of my time is spent teaching others to do the same.

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